Net Positive

Our company believes in the power of technology to advance human progress. It’s simply not enough to do “less bad.” We see technology as the key to unlocking regenerative solutions — ones that put more back into society, the environment and the global economy than they take out.

“Driving human progress, creating more good in the world — this is the role technology was born to play.”

Allison Dew
Chief Marketing Officer


Advancing and assessing our Legacy of Good

As 2020 nears, we review how our Net Positive (10x20) goal has challenged us and inspired us to build Dell’s culture of sustainability.

Using open data to address the world’s mobility challenges

Dell and its partners research the potential of using open mobility data to drive positive social and environmental outcomes.

Harnessing IoT to combat food insecurity, waste and spoilage

AeroFarms and IMS Evolve are using innovative Dell Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to protect global food supplies.

Net Positive Goals


By 2020, the good that will come from our technology will be 10x what it takes to create and use it 


We do not yet have an industry standard for measuring Net Positive. In FY18, we continued to build our body of knowledge through our work with the Net Positive Project. Since FY14, Dell has conducted nine studies to help us understand and measure our impact through different areas of our value chain.


Responsible Consumption and Production (12), Partnerships for the Goals (17)

Measurement of Solutions

Identify and quantify the environmental benefits of IT-based solutions


Due to the close alignment of this goal with our overall Net Positive aspiration, we are categorizing this as a subgoal of the 10x20 goal.


Responsible Consumption and Production (12), Partnerships for the Goals (17)