Supply Chain

We hold our suppliers to the same high social and environmental standards we set for ourselves. We are committed to driving transparency, accountability and continuous improvement throughout our global supply chain.

“Customers increasingly want to know more about the products they buy. Transparency in the supply chain is key — insight drives a better product, a better worker experience, and better relationships with our suppliers and customers.”

Kevin Brown
Executive Vice President
Global Operations & Chief Supply Chain Officer


Increasing transparency to build a stronger supply chain

From our new Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Progress Report to facility tours, we're helping customers see further and deeper into our global supply chain.

Promoting a positive work experience in our supply chain

We expanded our monitoring of suppliers' working hours, and launched new programs to directly engage with workers and address their issues.

Assessing risk and building capabilities to drive accountability

We continue our rigorous auditing and risk mitigation programs—for both supplier and Dell facilities—while introducing new trainings to build capabilities.

Responsibly sourcing minerals in our supply chain

By integrating the best practices of Dell and EMC, we continue to strengthen our approach to ensuring the minerals in our products are responsibly sourced.



By 2020, Dell’s suppliers representing 95% of direct materials spend and key logistics suppliers will set specific greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions targets and report on their emissions inventory
Suppliers representing 90% of direct materials spend reported on their emissions to CDP in mid-2016, and 81% of those reporting had emissions targets. Suppliers representing 50% of logistics spend reported on their emissions to CDP, and 100% of those reporting had emissions targets.


Demonstrate 100% transparency of key issues within our supply chain, working with suppliers to mitigate risks in those areas
In FY17, we significantly expanded transparency into our supply chain through the release of our Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Progress Report. This report describes supply chain performance on Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) audits as well as the results of our weekly working hours monitoring and other initiatives. We will update this report semiannually.


Audit 100% of high-risk1 direct materials suppliers and select service suppliers2
90% of our high-risk supplier facilities (including first tier and sub-tier) have undergone EICC third-party audits in FY16-FY17. The number of facilities increased last year as a result of our combined supply chain.
Ensure that Dell’s suppliers representing 95% of direct materials spend publish a sustainability report in accordance with GRI or equivalent recognized global framework
In FY17, suppliers representing 87% of direct materials spend published a sustainability report.
Require a five-year responsible water risk mitigation plan from our top 250 direct materials supplier facilities in water-stressed regions or with water-intensive processes
Through FY17, 100 of our supplier facilities have submitted five-year water risk mitigation plans.