Net Positive

Our company believes in the power of technology to advance human progress. It’s simply not enough to do “less bad.” We see technology as the key to unlocking regenerative solutions — ones that put more back into society, the environment and the global economy than they take out.

“Technology has an innate ability to drive progress — to leave the world it touches better off than before.”

David Goulden
Dell EMC


Taking Net Positive from conceptual to measurable

As a founding member of the new Net Positive Project, we're working with like-minded companies to develop global principles for measuring Net Positive.

Powering drones, empowering small businesses

Our customer Animusoft uses drone-powered machine learning for precision agriculture — driving higher crop yields and lower carbon footprints.

Harnessing IoT for smart cities and seas

By instrumenting the physical world of New Bedford, Mass., Dell and INEX Impact Labs enable the coastal city’s businesses to be both profitable and sustainable.



By 2020, the good that will come from our technology will be 10x what it takes to create and use it
Dell continued work with the Net Positive Project and completed additional pilot studies investigating analyses across multiple solutions.